K?saca BakiOnur Kimdir?



Baki Onur OKUTUCU was born in Istanbul , TURKEY in 1981. After graduating from high school, he trained himself to become an IT Specialist in areas related to Information Systems. He got a bachelor degree in Finance. Following this, he decided to continue his education in the area which had always interested him. With this in mind, he decided that the US was the place that would best afford his expectations, and proceeded to study English language in Boston, USA. After this he was accepted by Northeastern University for an MS degree in Information Systems . In the mean time he completed the MCSE certification exams and attained all of the related certificates. He has played a remarkable role in Information Technologies during his 10 years of experience. As a 5-year MCT, Onur, who has been a key player for BilgeAdam (Turkey’s most prestigious IT academy) for over four years, has significantly contributed to the emerging awareness of Microsoft Server Systems in Turkey. He has written over 100 technical articles published on sistemuzmani.com, bakionur.com and yazgelistir.com. He has also written the first Windows Server 2008 book published, has presented Microsoft technologies in over 50 universities and has been an active member of the IT platforms. He has been working for BilgeAdam as Assistant Manager of Systems & Networking Department for which has 30 technical people working

Nowadays, He is currently focused on Windows 7 and the other Microsoft Client platforms. He also likes to share his works on Virtualization Technology, Windows Server 2008 / R2, Forefront and System Center Family.


In 2009, Baki Onur has been awarded by Microsoft as Most Valuable Professional which one of the most prestigious status in IT area . Currently, He has been studying as a Grad school student in Computer Science in Okan University, Istanbul

 For BakiOnur’s Windows 7 page please visit at http://www.winwin7.com

He is The Administrator for http://www.sistemuzmani.com, which is the largest IT platform 90% based on Microsoft Technologies, has over 26.000 members, and is also supported by Microsoft Turkey.His homepage address is http://www.bakionur.com
His blog site address is http://www.bakionur.com